Many, grateful thanks to all, who donate to church funds (no matter how small).  Every penny is appreciated.  Unfortunately,  church upkeep continues to increase year on year & continued or additional funding is always needed.  With specific regard to setting up a valued monthly Standing Order donation, please contact Barry or Louise on 01952 403440 or olafsgate1@yahoo.co.uk

Please Note: Gift Aid tax refunds on all donations made during the financial year are of huge financial benefit to the church.  Again, please talk to Barry or Louise  where possible because a signed Gift Aid form will enable the church to recover the income tax element of your gift payments &/or weekly offertory collection monies.   If your circumstances have changed & you no longer pay income tax please let Barry or Louise know - otherwise it will be assumed you have paid sufficient tax for the parish to reclaim Gift Aid on donations made during the financial yr.


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