Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Margaret Rose McGarry of Market Drayton who passed away recently.  



Next weekend the annual Collection for the Retired Priests’ Fund will be held. With your help, we can build up the Fund to help meet the future needs of our sick and retired priests.  


If you wish to Gift Aid your donation, please make your donation Online.  To donate Online please go to www.dioceseofshrewsbury.org/retired-priests-fund


An electronic version of a leaflet about the Fund is available at www.dioceseofshrewsbury.org/retired-priests-fund and this also explains how you can donate to the Fund by Standing Order or Cheque and how to Gift Aid donations made using these methods.







Sunday 10 January

Mass 9.15

Baptism of the Lord


Monday 11 January

Mass 10.00


 Audrey Eggleston

Tuesday 12 January

Mass 10.00

St Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot

 Norah Murray

Wednesday13 January


St Hilary, Bishop


Thursday 14 January




Friday 15 January

Mass 10.00 


 Bob Sturdy

Saturday 16 January




Sunday 17 January

MASS 9.15

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time



The Baptism of the Lord this week starts the weeks in Ordinary Time. This does

not mean Ordinary in the sense of not special, but Ordinary as counted by the

Ordinal Numbers.  As we are now in Year B of the three-year cycle, there is

emphasis on readings from the Gospel of Mark, although today we read from

the Gospel of John. Mark is often represented by the image of a lion.

Readings for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord year B  Psalter- week 2

Ent antiphon     When the Lord had been baptised, the heavens opened, and the Spirit came down like a dove to rest on him.  Then the voice of the Father thundered: This is my beloved Son, with him I am well pleased.

1st reading        Isaiah 55: 1-11.

Response           With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

2nd reading       1 John 5: 1-9.

Acclamation    Alleluia, alleluia, John saw Jesus coming towards him and said: This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Alleluia!

Gospel                  Mark 1: 7-11

Comm ant         This is he of whom John said: I have seen and have given witness that this is the Son of God.


Commentary The Spirit that empowered Jesus to make his new beginning is the same Spirit that empowered us in our baptism. Few of us can remember that moment: most of us were carried to the font, infants in the arms of our parents or godparents, our name was given to us, our commitment was spoken to us, our future was promised to God.  We spend our lives catching up with our beginning, struggling to make good the large promises made on our behalf.  What started at our christening needs to be validated by our personal decisions,  We have not left our baptism behind us; it faces us each day as God’s expectation of us. Denis McBride CSsR

St Aelred of Rievaulx 1110 – 1167 Aelred was born in Hexham in around 1109. His family was well connected and he was sent into the service of King David of Scotland, where he rose to the position of Master of the Royal Household. In time he became attracted to the religious life, but it took a considerable personal struggle for him at the age of 24 to give up his secular pursuits and to enter the newly founded Cistercian monastery of Rievaulx in Yorkshire in 1133. He later became Abbot and remained there for the rest of his life.

Aelred is remembered (especially in the North of England) both for his energy and for his gentleness. His sermons were characterised by a deep love of the Scriptures and by a very personal love of Christ ‘as friend and Saviour’. He was sensitive and understanding in his dealings with his fellow monks and under his direction the monastery at Rievaulx grew to the extraordinary size of over 600. He did not enjoy robust health and the last ten years of his life were marked by a long and painful illness. A contemporary account of the last year of his life describes him as being left helpless on his bed unable to speak or move for an hour after celebrating his morning Mass.

The atmospheric ruins of Reivaulx (Valley of the river Rye) Abbey in North Yorkshire are well worth a visit (when we can travel again!).

Used Stamps We are still collecting used stamps to send to the Jesuit Refugee Service, who manage to raise funds with them. ALL stamps welcome, UK, foreign, special or ordinary. Please cut from the envelope with scissors, leaving a good margin around the stamp.  You can either save them up for when we return to Church in the normal way, or you can send or deliver them to Pritchard 5 Hampton Drive TF9 3RP.


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